SmartFit. 5 Cloud Telecom solutions made to fit your company’s needs.

SmartFit are Cloud Telecom packs that prepare your company for the future.  With rock solid guarantees that your communication remains up and running.  With a minimum investment, all your ICT worries disappear, so you can fully concentrate on your core business activities.

"With SmartFit, you only have one single point of contact, for all your cloud telecom.   That's how easy things can be."

- Tim Schmit, Head of Product Management


With SmartFit you are making use of the Destiny network ...

one of the most reliable networks in Belgium, with speed and a price tag that match your requirements.  Your needs evolve, together with the amount of users and the speed at which you are adopting new applications.  Therefore, with Destiny, you have a choice between three options, up to 140Mbps downstream and 40Mbps upstream, in which 4G back-up is always included, and the possibility to go with guaranteed bandwidth.

Fixed line telephony

With SmartFit your calls are almost free ...

to fixed and mobile national numbers.  You keep the full usage of your existing telephone numbers without additional charge.  SmartFit works perfectly on every PBX (ISDN/SIP), and a fax becomes completely redundant: as you will be faxing over e-mail.


Internet + Fixed line telephony

Combine all advantages of Internet and Telephony ...

and enjoy an additional discount on the price per simultaneous conversation.

PBX in the Cloud

With the "PBX in the cloud" you can call from any place and with any device ...

with all functionality of a standard PBX.  Investments in quickly outdated hardware and expensive maintenance contracts become a thing of the past: you pay per user, including almost free calling to fixed and mobile nationwide numbers.

Internet + PBX in the Cloud

Your company communication will be future proof ...

this complete SmartFit pack provides all the advantages of the individual packs and on top of this you save considerably on the end-user price.

50+ users?
Have a look at our Integra product offering ...